Joyful Joyful

Christmas week recap!

Every year during Advent I make a resolution of sorts to celebrate and immerse myself in the season of waiting. I always want to “do” Advent better than the previous year… every year I feel like I fall a little bit or a lot a bit short.  For instance I should be at peace waiting in anticipation for baby Jesus, and instead I may have had a minor breakdown at the state of our extremely crooked Christmas tree. Although our house rarely looks HGTV worthy, I really wanted to make it beautiful for Christmas and the tree was a major fail. And I will candidly admit I did shed tears over this tree…yes, I know it shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it was! I of course was schooled as I frequently am on what really matters, and as you may have guessed, it isn’t the Christmas tree or the glittering décor.

Christmas day came just as it does every year, and all those intentions to prepare for the season of Christmas did not go unanswered.  Because one thing I have to acknowledge is that although I may feel as though I have fallen short, and I have in many ways, Christmas came and with it brought much joy! With every passing year I am amazed at how each Christmas outdoes the one before it. As I spent time with and watched my growing family on Christmas Day I got to see Christmas through so many different lenses making it all that more miraculous.  Whether through the eyes of the adoring grandparents (my parents and in-laws) watching their own children enter into the glorious season of Christmas with little ones of their own, or those in love spending their first Christmas together as a married couple, or my own little girl who has not yet come to an understanding of Christmas, but all the same feeling the love poured out from all those surrounding us at this time of year, I was and am in awe.

Not to mention feeling this new life inside me all the while. It is possible that McNugget #2 was very active because I got to gorge myself with delicious food for a week straight, but I like to believe it was because he or she was feeling the Christmas magic and was jumping with joy just as John the Baptist did in Elizabeth’s womb because he knew Mary was carrying the Christ Child! Either way, I am oh so thankful for this little life and the season we are currently in. It is my sincere hope that despite all the business, stress, and even despair that Christmas brings upon for some that there was a slice of that true joy and peace that was felt on that first Christmas night.

crooked tree
Now I can’t look at the tree without laughing. There was no way to straighten this guy out. The tree looks like it is in a perpetual state of falling. P.S. yes, that snowman is holding a plunger.


family christmas
A family photo! We really need to up our photo game, we have no good pictures together.
It is my family’s tradition to eat at the local Atlanta staple, The Varsity, on Christmas Eve after church. Isn’t she the cutest?!
christmas 1
How we spent Christmas Day. If only everyday looked like this picture.
christmas 3
I was joking with my husband about how no one actually gathers around the piano and sings carols on Christmas…oh wait, his family does! And it is seriously awesome and tear worthy how amazing these two sound. Cheers to these two for bringing your talent into the family for all to enjoy.
And this is how we all felt at the end of the day.  Oh how I love a house full of pups, people, food, laughter, and love.

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