A New Year

New Year 1

new year 2
Little mama is practicing for becoming a big sister.


The new year has taken about a week to sink in.  I have been pondering what I want for this year and some goals or resolutions.  We as a family decided that our most concrete resolution is to host something at our house once a month. I love this goal and currently have every intent to make it happen! We love spending time with friends and family, but are really horrible about inviting people over and setting down concrete plans for get-togethers. James actually suggested this idea of once-a-month hosting and I think it is perfect for us and extremely doable. Not every month has to be something big either, which takes the pressure off of us to always have a perfectly cleaned house, delicious menu, and great overall ambiance. We can be more ambitious some months and keep it really simple other months. So I am looking forward to the fellowship and community I hope our home will help build this year!

Other new things this year are obviously the arrival of our second baby. The hard core nesting tendencies are beginning to creep up.  I am not sure it is as natural for me as for some people, the whole nesting thing that is. With Anna, we were really down to the wire due to some home repairs and her nursery wasn’t even ready until pretty much the week she was due. Which, to any newly expecting mamas, it is definitely not imperative that everything be ready since we all know the baby isn’t in its own room right away. Nonetheless it does make for less stress after the baby is home so all you have to focus on is cuddling that precious new baby. Anyway this time around we are moving Anna to a new room and that is currently our little home project. The nursery will stay pretty much the same since it was already gender neutral. I can’t wait to share Anna’s new room once we make some more progress, which will hopefully be soon!

And finally just some personal goals/resolutions I think everyone can relate to. A big generalization… I want to be better! I want to be a better wife, mama, eater, planner, etc. etc. etc. So here are a couple of  actual things broken down that I want to work on.

1. Taking care of myself- I think for me a big part of growing this year will be making my needs known (politely of course) and not waiting until I am too drained to finally get some me-time. I may even buy a planner this year. I know right, what a concept! But, really I think that would help me maintain some organization among the chaos that is life because right now I just kind of try to remember things. I have a feeling that may not fly with two little ones and our other random obligations/appointments. So I have been browsing cute planners cause if I am gonna get one it’s important it’s cute and all. (Welcome to suggestions from my friends who are already super organized and use planners on the regular.)

2. Keeping our home simple and clean- James and I just purged our closets this week and we have been pretty good about doing this once a season since we have been married. I really hope that it is something we can maintain. I definitely hit a crazy “we need to get organized” point with our house every so often and we really do try not to hold on to too many things we really don’t need. This is something I want to make a conscious effort to keep doing even though I know it will be harder to find the time with another little one this year. The cleaning part, like actual vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing toilets is very hit or miss from week to week. So I really want to be more consistent and maybe even try some more natural cleaning products. I could perhaps pencil in certain days for certain tasks in my planner. Ha ha ha, this is seriously something I already know will be super hard for me.

We are so lucky to have families nearby and tons of support from people who would be here at the drop of a hat if we needed them. So cheers to really just growing in love this year and working on all the relationships in my life so that they can be strong, full of substance, and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. If I have my share of good belly laughs this year and enough kisses from my little family then I’d venture to say 2016 will be a huge success.

2 thoughts on “A New Year

    1. I will have to check it out. Thanks for reading! I always read your blog posts 🙂 It is crazy to be a mama and see all these other people with kids. Super crazy and exciting, your twins are so stinking cute!

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