My Mommy Essentials for Baby #2


Ok, so the past two days have resulted in two shopping hauls to Target and Marshall’s… The name of this post is only slightly deceiving. I stocked up on some actual post-partum essentials for myself and then some not so essential self-indulgent random as all get out items, all of which fall under the cosmetic category. Oh wait, except for the placemats.

If you know me at all these purchases are super out of character for me. I seriously only wear makeup at all (besides chapstick) on special occasions. However, when you’re basically 9-months pregnant and sitting around waiting to go into labor your mind wanders all over, which lead me to thinking, “hmmm  I want to feel pretty today!”.* I want to start wearing some light makeup on a more routine basis.I told James this yesterday, which made me recount the last time I actually bought mascara… THIS IS SUPER EMBARASSING…I haven’t bought mascara or a lot of other cosmetics since my wedding, 3 and a half years ago! So Anna and I had a mother-daughter morning of a OB appointment followed by breakfast and shopping! It was actually a really fun girls morning out, followed by a much needed afternoon nap!


1. Loreal Voluminous Mascara (black/brown) 2. Rimmel London by Kate Moss Lipstick  3.Physician’s Formula Bronzer- for any skin tone 4.Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner (brown) 5. Elf Blush 

UMM the necessities seem self-explanatory.

6. Pads- the bigger the better 7. Nursing pads (for what it’s worth I tried reusable/washable and I much prefer the disposable) 8. Epsom Salt- for sitz baths when you get home (I went through a lot because I loooved taking short baths for healing whenever I had a chance) 9.Dermoplast to help numb and heal down there 10.Tucks-for the hemorrhoids cause they are real

11. Placemat- Easy to clean for Anna! 12. Placemats- cause these we on super sale at my Target! Links to both: here and here.

OTHER ITEMS I ALREADY HAVE, BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: you can always use some Preparation H for the dreaded hemorrhoids, some large underpants just for the first couple of weeks, and some good nursing bras if you are breastfeeding.

*I do not believe make up is necessary at all to feel pretty! In fact I think it is awesome to encourage girls and women to try going makeup free for a while at some point in their life because being able to step out with nothing on your face can be really freeing.

One thought on “My Mommy Essentials for Baby #2

  1. I use Physicians Blush and I love it! The palette is a mixture of tones which blends really well together. I am also a fan of ELF as well, I like their sparkly eyeshadows! I am glad you posted what products you got!

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