Hello Summer!

Swimsuits: Gap Kids (soldout, but we got all the girls suits from Gap Kids and Old Navy this year, lots of cute ones to choose from! Plus both stores are currently having big sales.) 

We are breaking out the swim suits! I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood summers recently. It’s got me all nastolgic and also pretty excited for my girls and creating simple summer memories for them. My parents both worked at schools growing up and I totally took it for granted that they were home in the summers, something I look back on with great thankfulness. Summers were not necessarily jam packed with elaborate plans in our family, in fact quite the opposite. We spent most days at the pool, evenings eating on the porch, or playing in the driveway while my mom sat in an old school camping chair with the cordless phone. (On a side note I remember when we got the cordless phone, and it seemed so high-tech. What?! Mom can talk on the phone outside!) When I think about childhood summers, the biggest thing that I realize now is that my parents created an environment for us that made it safe to just be a kid! With the exeption of an annual beach trip (so excited to be taking one with our whole family later this summer) we just played all summer long and it was the most exciting thing ever. Reminiscing and day dreaming about my own family, our summer, and future summers has brought out that longing for the simple,  long summer days. Who knew the scent of sunscreen on my toddler’s skin could trigger such emotions of years past and excitement watching her wild spirit grow with each new sunny day? I’ve already felt the shift in seasons this week and we are ready for pool days, lazy evenings in the backyard watching our babes, time with family and friends, and another magical summer.

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