Style Post: First Ever Romper

Romper: Old Navy

Thumbs up? I have never purchased a romper before. One of those items that I think look super cute on other people, but I had never found one that fit me. Kind of an impulse buy on my part, but so far I’m happy with it. Could be used as a bathing suit cover and also is nursing friendly with the buttons. Gotta love versatility when it comes to your wardrobe. So while I was trying to take this selfie I may have begun to question how flattering this piece actually is. However, after writing this post and thinking about the different ways I can wear it, the comfort, and price I’m thinking it’s an outfit win.

 Side note: I have said it before on my only other style post ever, don’t know how people take selfies?! So hard to get a decent picture of yourself. Here’s what most of the ones I trashed look like before any editing/cropping! Notice the different settings, nap time yields too much time to try and capture this romper! 

I’m thinking, I should stop trying to make fashion a part of this blog (not that I have tried to make it a major focus in any way) hahaha. Wanted to share the romper cause I was excited to find one I liked, but in all seriousness I’m not sure style posts are my thing. I wear the same things for many, many years and love neutrals on neutrals on neutrals. I love my personal style, just not sure it’s exciting enough on a daily basis to share here. We shall see, I won’t say never, but while trying to figure out blog direction I can safely say this is one of my least favorite types of posts to make. Who knows maybe an area to grow in? Safe to say I probably won’t grow too much in this arena cause my heart just isn’t in it. Wow that last line is a little too deep for a post about a romper hehe. I did have fun writing this one if nothing else!

One thought on “Style Post: First Ever Romper

  1. Oh, that looks super comfy and perfect for a summer of breastfeeding (which is what I’m about to have happenin’!) I’m going to have head over to Old Navy after I deliver. I’ve never worn a romper either, but I like that look! Cute. 😀

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