Grilled Pizzas 

FullSizeRenderA few years ago I found out I am allergic to tree nuts. Not super fun, but I didn’t eat a ton of nuts anyway. However, that rules out a lot of healthy snacking. Recently I have been experiencing mild allergies to lots of foods. I can’t pinpoint the exact triggers, but it seems to be mostly tropical fruits and maybe eggs?? I am scheduled to see an allergist and get some skin tests done and hopefully that will paint a better picture of what is going on.

In the meantime I am trying to avoid potential triggers. I go to the allergist this week and for the next few days we meal planned for meals with mostly protein and veggies… oh an carbs. On tonight’s menu is grilled pizzas! I’m so excited about these. It’s common in our house for me to get super excited about a meal and go on and on about it trying to incite some sort of reaction from James. He eats for sustenance and is not as concerned with flavor. It drives me a little crazy if I’m being honest! On the one hand it’s great because he will eat anything with no complaints, on the other hand he never really raves about a meal. So I never know how much he liked something I made. He’s basically not a food snob and you have to kind of appreciate that, right?


Back to the pizzas. We have never grilled pizzas and I found directions to use the Pilsbury Pizza Crusts! Great because while I enjoy cooking, I’m all about shortcuts now that we have two little ones and I can’t just prepare meals all day long! So here are the recipes we used for these pretty pizzas. Really easy to get creative with toppings too if these don’t strike a chord.

So our first try went a little crazy. I was prepping all the yummy toppings and James was grilling the dough, you’re supposed to flip it over when the bottom slightly browns, but at that time we had two crying kids and both hands were on deck dealing with that so we left the dough on one side a little too long. Actually, besides the color being dark it still tastes fine! The second pizza we grilled on our pizza stone because I was nervous about burning it and we used a thin crust for the second pizza so I just thought it may be easier to monitor if it cooked a little slower and not directly on the heat. It turned out great, so really either method works!

I found the directions for grilling the Pilsbury pizza dough here.

Pizza #1

FullSizeRender (2)

store bought pizza/marinara for sauce

Fresh mozzarella also added some shredded mozzarella cause I love cheese!

Caramelized onions: just chopped red onion sautéed in balsamic for a few minutes 

BACON! – cooked prior to topping



Fresh spinach

Blue Cheese * sprinkled on after grilling; a finishing touch

Fresh oregano – just for fun cause we had some in our garden that I wanted to use

Pizza #2

FullSizeRender (1)

Homemade basil pesto for the saucea(2/3 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of basil, 2-3 cloves minced garlic, shredded parmesan  just eyeballed the amount, salt to taste) just mix it all in a food processor!! ***I opted for no nuts because of my food allergy, but you could add pine nuts or walnuts if you want.

Fresh mozzarella 

Fresh spinach

STEAK- y’all my parents grilled some steaks the other night and we sliced and used some of the leftovers for this pizza. When we originally meal planned this pizza was going to be simple and meatless…but seriously the steak was soooo good. 

Super fun, tasty, and pretty easy meal. You can make it even easier if you choose toppings that dont require any prep. We love pizza and it is so fun to customize depending on what your taste buds are feeling that day!

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